FA Y1 T3

2017. 04-06 Reflection Journal

01-05-2017 Radical eye - Review


Today is the second time I went to the photography show. I got more than last time. From the first room - THE REDICAL EYE, the work from Laszlo Moholy-Nagy called View from the Berlin Radio Tower 1928, impressed me a lot, because of the high contrast image with very very fine details. I cannot image what he do in the photoprinting process. The whole image is not just a landscape, but a abstract painting. I feel that I can consider through the manipulation of light, chemicals (photoshop) and paper to achieve more possibility on photograph.

And also the work from Man Ray a women take a mask on her hand, they are presented like mirror with a positive print and negative print. I feel very interested with the work because in the first sight, I just thought that is using the different technique, but when I read the introduction, I understood that artist imply the culture and race in the photo that the women with white skin and the mask with black surface, otherwise the negative photo was against that. The detail of the photo intriguing me, because the women he choose is very art looking, and the brown and eyes are similar with the mask. That is very interested and uncanny phenomenon.


The art works in second room were about Portraits. There were a lot of photo that did not have a clear focus, I think it is the artist on purpose making that. It makes me rethink about the blurring feeling when we take photo for people, How sharpness is appropriate for express this person? 

The series of photos depict the famous people standing in the corner with very high contrast, in some of the photo, the people's black suit even do not have any details, just a pure flat black. but in some part is very vivid and have rich details. How to control the detail showing on different part to achieve a rhythm?


After exhibiting, I watched a interviewer about the collector, he was talking about one work that is a girl in that photo. He said when you see the girl you will see trouble. I feel I really lack of the ability of observing the people and trying to make story from the face itself. The look of people itself, is a story teller!  


Need to research deeply about Man Ray and Laszlo Moholy-Nagy, including the technique at that period.


04-05-2017 Larry Bell Smoke On The Bottom - Review

I felt so excited when I visited this show, because the part of 2D work he made is quite similar with my foundation work. I found a lot of coherence from his work, and this made me clear what I want in the art world.

I still really interested in the materiality, when the material formed some effect with nature element such as light, gravitate, it was fantastic! By using the materiality to paint, the effect formed a kind of phenomena, and visual information which is really intriguing. And I consider this is a new painting process, and it will be really important in the future rather than traditional oil or acrylic painting. 

I will have to continue my foundation practice in the future. This artist really inspire me!



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